I have a background in civil engineering and, ever since I became committed to working in flag and Atlantic Flagpole manufacturing, two questions have come to my mind: What is the height of the tallest flagpole anywhere in the world?

Most people realize that flagpoles of high height (200+ feet) require more support to meet code or safety requirements. Aluminum is most often used for flagpoles that measure up to 80ft. Flag towers are built every now and again because flagpoles of very high height can withstand higher winds loads.

The tower was built by North Koreans in the Korean Demilitarized Zone. This (so-called) flagpole was 525 feet tall and flew a 300 kilo North Korean Flag.

The North Koreans noticed that the South Korean flagpole was shorter than expected and gained another 330 ft with its 300 lb flag during the so-called flagpole war. The North Koreans repelled the South Koreans, building their current 525 ft flag tower.

As the flag becomes saturated with water, it is best to remove the heavy North Korean flag as soon as it begins to rain. A heavier flag at a flagpole or tower will increase momentum, which can lead to higher stress levels.

Surprisingly though, not many people accept the claim made by North Koreans or other countries that the flag pole is the highest in the world. The Ashgabat flagpole in Turkmenistan is the highest flagpole.

The Turkmenistan flagpole measures 434+ ft in height. It is also taller than Aqaba flagpole located in Jordan, which was taller (433 ft) some seasons back. This pole can be easily seen from several countries, even dozens of miles away due to its height and geographic location.