Thank you to a middle class income and many high quality products that I bought online, I have been able to live well This article will focus on used items that have been opened from their original packaging. The beauty of buying used goods is that no one will ever know unless there are obvious cosmetic defects. This article will cover the pros and cons of buying used online.

I don’t usually buy anything secondhand unless it is: 1. Is the item not available new or 2. It saves my money. CDs or books are exceptions. These items can be hard to find or it will save me the time of going to a store looking. I only purchase used items if there is good feedback from an established online company or if the seller can be trusted like Amazon, Best Buy or an Associate Store of Amazon. PayPal is my preferred payment method. This gives me additional protection in case of problems with the product.

I won’t purchase anything used online unless its condition is very good or better. Buyer beware! This is for me an indication that the product is a lemon, or a potential lemon, or that the seller isn’t someone I want to do business. If the price is too low, it is an indication that the seller is not right. There are no free lunches. Just let go of the idea of purchasing the item and get on with your life. There are times when we see someone make it big and buy a Picasso or something at a garage sale for $25. But I am pretty certain that this is not you. Do not buy anything from someone else than $50. That’s asking for trouble. There is a good chance that the item will be damaged in shipping. Have fun or get your money back.