The online world has seen a lot of changes since the early 90’s. What you were able to do back then is not possible now. However, it doesn’t stop people trying. This is especially true for new internet users who believe that they can make a living online. They read an advertisement, click on something and are convinced they have found the “make money online app” thing that will make their millionaire overnight. They read it so they know it is true. And for $35 they can be in to making the money they dream of.

Maybe you are the one who found it, or maybe you are just starting out. Then, you will only have to put a few bucks in, and then all that wonderful money is going to be yours.

You pay $35 and they tell you that you need a domain name and a website to be successful. They then tell you where to find these for a low $35. You don’t have to wait any longer, they walk you through setting your website up and show you how to get traffic. They charge $20 per month for your domain and website. Premium packages cost $189 and include everything you need. You have yet to make any money from the initial $35 you invested.

You have been promised by everyone that you will. So you go along with their recipe and voila! No money, no corrupt stats showing fake visitors. It’s the same story every time. You can’t make quick money online if you don’t know what you are doing.

The Truth is Here

1. Reputable Online Presence’ should be required. This means that people should have the ability to type their name into Google and get information about you. This shows that you are real and not a Nigerian Scam Artist.

2. You will need an “Advertising Budget”. How much money are you able to spend on marketing your product to people each day? If you have a proven product that is selling, advertising costs should not exceed $2.00 per day. For $20, you can run a 24-hour promotion of a new product. This will show how it performs. You should run more ads and variations depending on how much profit you are making.

3. FACEBOOK is the best place to start to become an expert on all things ADVERTISING. The largest market is one, so you can pinpoint your niche.